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Greetings Friends & Family. Our purpose of this page is simply to share some photos with family members who live outside our area.

March15, 2001-- Believe it or not, Deb is 50 today.  Click on the link to the left to see some shots of Deb's Magnificent 50!!

February 2001-- Millie and Monroe celebrated their 50 th anniversary. The celebration was on Feb 11.  (the actual date of the anniversary, was February 12)    

November 2000-- I have added some new pictures to most of the pages since July, and added a new Halloween page!  Enjoy.

April 16 includes some photos in Rapid City of the " LeLaCheur cousins" lunch.  

I have a few cast shots from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe production from Rapid City Open Bible Christian Center

On May 24, 2000 at 6:18 PM our new grandson Jordan was born!  There are a few more photos of him with proud parents under that date.  Some more photos have been added July and August, including Jordan updates and Ryan's Fat Boy remodels.

Feb 2001:  Millie and Monroe celebrated their 50th Anniversary!

March 2001 it was Deb's turn for a 50 celebration.

New arrival! Bolton James was born at 11:04PM May 29, 2001!

Be Well & Prosper.

God Bless & Keep you all until we meet again.

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